Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fave Recipes from the Web

I thought I'd do a little round up of some of the recipes I've come across this week that I can't wait to try out. These are either from blogs I follow, or just ones I came across via Pinterest.

Firstly, Two Peas and Their Pod's recipe for Rosemary Sea Salt Pretzels!
After my trip to Berlin I've been craving soft pretzels but haven't yet had chance to try making my own. I've found a few recipes for them, but the addition of rosemary to these sounds so delish that I'm probably going to try using this one first. The cheese sauce that accompanies the pretzels is tempting enough for me to try these out by itself!

Avoid the Raspberri Cupcakes' blog if you're trying to cut down on sweet things - her recipes are the ultimate cakes and desserts for indulging in and instantly make me start craving home-made goodies, none more so than the Rolo Chocolate Brownie Cake posted recently.
This cake has everything you could ever want - chocolate, caramel, topped with 4(!) tubes of Rolos - I'm wowed every time I look at it. I think we all have those days where a slice of something as decadent as this is in order, so I may have to save the recipe for a day like that. Otherwise I don't think I could justify eating this!                                  

I love Joy the Baker's blog - fab recipes accompanied by her lovely down-to-earth writing. I need to make these Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies with a Creamy Peanut Butter Filling.
Peanut butter is a major treat for me - I don't buy it often because my fiancé doesn't like it, and I end up eating my way through the jar so quickly it's probably for the best it's not always in the flat! I intended to make some peanut butter cookies last time I had some. Unfortunately I ended up eating too much of the jar before I could - whoops! I am determined to make some next time though, and the combination of peanut butter with oats sounds like it might just satisfy all my peanut butter cookie cravings. Plus, my philosophy is oats in a cookie equals a healthier cookie, and therefore more can be eaten. Don't have to worry about my fiancé not eating them then!

If you're on Pinterest you may have also seen these Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cookies. 
These look so much fun, I think it's such a cute idea for a themed party. The dough takes more effort than usual but the effect is stunning so when I've got time I may have to attempt these.

I'll finish this post with Lentil & Chickpea curry, another recipe I found through Pinterest. Partly so you don't get the impression I only ever cook and eat cakes and cookies. 
I'm not a vegetarian, and most meals I can't imagine without some sort of meat. However for me curries are the thing I can make without meat and not miss it at all. Instead I tip loads of vegetables in it and bulk it up with chickpeas. This recipe looks like a fancier version of the kind of curries I currently make. I haven't used lentils before and have only recently tried out coconut milk so this will be nice to try out as something slightly different to what I usually put together for dinner. 

I hope this post possibly introduced you to a new blog, or just gave a little bit of cooking inspiration. If there's any good food blogs or recipes you've come across and think are worth sharing, please let me know!  :)


  1. Thanks for featuring our pretzels!

  2. I saw the pinata cookies the other day and they've constantly been on my mind! They look tricky to make, but they'd be so worth it! :) x x


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